What is a Search Engine?

Posted on: April 1st, 2014


The top three search engine  are Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft’s Bing.  Each company develops a search engine that crawls the web and indexes the results into a database. The majority of the search engine industry offers their search results for free but to be able to do so, they offer a web based advertisement market that auctions catered search results or offer space within the results that advertisers pay for.  Auction prices are set by the popularity of the search keyword and how many users utilize their search engine.  The search engines charge the advertisers by the pay per click (PPC).   This process is called paying for search results.

Paying for search results is great for companies that want to generate immediate web traffic or generate sales for a product or service being offered.  Currently, Google is the industry leader for both search engine and online advertisement followed by Yahoo! and then Microsoft’s Bing.  Yahoo! and Microsoft have had a deal in place since 2009 that Microsoft will provide search results and online advertisement for Yahoo! utilizing Microsoft’s Bing search engine.   This is great for advertisers because it allows them achieve results on two search engines for the price of one.

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